About Us

Good Advice Works has gathered some of the most dedicated and talented individuals throughout the U.S. to be part of our team. We have worked together for many years, turning hopes and dreams into reality, inspiring others to join in and actualize their goals.

Our business is founded on the premise of developing clear expectations, planning and setting attainable goals and implementing a flexible, inclusive process. On a regular basis we evaluate each project to continually improve upon what we do best.

We are guided by the ethical principles of trust and confidentiality, working from an honest, open-hearted place of love for the work we create each day.

Lead Consultant: Dr Sharon Ufberg

Dr Sharon Ufberg Good Advice Works

Dr Sharon Ufberg

Dr. Sharon Ufberg is a highly respected integrative health practitioner and the co-founder of the personal growth and wellness companies Elevate Gen Y and BorrowedWisdom.

She creates and teaches online personal growth courses and privately coaches individuals as the senior consultant for Borrowed Wisdom and Good Advice Works, companies she created to assist people to turn their dreams into reality.

Dr. Ufberg is a radio host and freelance journalist who writes about the human spirit, women who make a difference, philanthropic initiatives and women musicians. She contributes to NPR’s 51%, A Woman’s Perspective radio show as a host and is being featured in her new segment Force of Nature in Fall 2015. Sharon is a published writer who interviews and blogs for The Huffington Post and is a regular contributor on Huff Post Live and is the past health and wellness editor for Napa Valley Life magazine.

Dr. Ufberg is an international leader and activist in the areas of women’s health and safety, economic self sufficiency, domestic violence and human trafficking. She is a delegate to the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women conference and is the immediate past chairperson of Project Kesher, the largest nongovernmental women’s organization in the former Soviet Union.

Serving on international, national and local Boards and Councils has provided Dr. Ufberg with over thirty years experience in project development, strategic planning and fundraising.

She is the past Chair of the California State Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Dr Ufberg is an Adjunct Professor at Beth Israel Medical Center’s Continuum Center for Health and Healing in New York City.

A NYC transplant, Dr Ufberg now lives in Napa Valley, grows her own veggies and prides herself on being an awesome home cook and wine lover.