Welcome to Good Advice Works


As many of you know, my daughter, Alexis, and I are the mother-daughter (doctor-lawyer) co-founders of  Borrowed Wisdom. We offer cutting edge personal growth programming and resources to help you get a life you love including tele-summits, interview series, online courses, monthly clubs, mastermind groups and more! The mission is to inspire people to live happy, healthy lives  and give back to the world.

After many rewarding years of balancing a professional life between for profit business ventures and non-profit social change activities, it became clear to me that the best use of all my years of experience would be to inspire, direct and assist others to be successful in achieving their goals. My  focus will be supporting small business start-ups, new product launches and not for profit organizations.

I am overjoyed at how authentic and meaningful it feels to be doing this type of work. My intention is to connect and enthusiastically engage with wonderful people who can benefit from my expertise. Creating active partnerships that produce winning solutions is just the kind of fun we all want.

As a freelance journalist, I explore controversial, interesting and topical issues that are important for people to know about, think about and share. Mainly people, mostly women making a difference but music, food and wine is included!

I am always excited to share my interviews from my NPR radio segment. Force of Nature.  It airs on NPR’s 51%, a Woman’s Perspective WAMC radio show.

You can find all my interviews and recent writing on my personal Dr. Sharon Ufberg page.

We know—Good Advice Works! So let’s get started together.